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About PostScripts powered by Rexall Direct

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PostScripts FAQ’s

Section 1: Welcome to PostScripts

What is PostScripts?

PostScripts is a prescription home delivery service offered through Rexall Direct. PostScripts provides an easy, safe and convenient way to get prescriptions. You can now have prescriptions delivered right to your door at no additional cost.

How will this new program affect my prescription coverage?

PostScripts has been specifically designed to lower drug costs with no change in the prescription(s) that you are currently receiving. You will first need to sign up for the program online. Then, you will purchase ALL maintenance (chronic) medications through PostScripts as long as you are deemed stabilized* on the medication. Acute medications can still be purchased at any retail pharmacy.

Stabilized means that you have received 90 days of medication (same DIN) within the previous four months.

What cost saving opportunities are available with PostScripts?

With PostScripts you will receive a discount card that entitles you and your family members to a discount on all Rexall-branded products. Discounted products include Be.better, KIT, Rose & Robin and Nosh & Co. at all participating Rexall or Pharma Plus locations. These products include over 1,800 everyday items from bath and beauty, household cleaning supplies, vitamins and cough medicines. Some exclusions apply and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

How does PostScripts save me money on my maintenance medications?

PostScripts provides a low dispensing fee for both maintenance and acute medications. This means that you save money the first time and every time you use PostScripts!

How do I sign up for PostScripts?

Signing up for PostScripts is easy, just click on the Register Now button from the homepage or call Rexall Direct at 1-888-Rx-2-DOOR (1-888-792-3667).

Will I get a discount card if my drug benefits are not with PostScripts?

Participation by your group health benefit plan is required for you to fully access the savings, including the discount card.

Section 2: Managing Your Online Account

How do I Register for an Online Account?

Registration is easy and takes 5-10 minutes online. Click on the Register Now button from the homepage and provide your personal information to set up your account. You will need a few pieces of information to get started which include your:

  • Group health Benefit ID Card
  • Provincial health card
  • Payment information (optional)

Will I be contacted after my online enrolment?

You will only be contacted by your Rexall Direct if they need to collect missing information from you or if there were issues with your enrolment.

How do I Add a New Prescription using my Online Account?

Add a new prescription to be filled by our pharmacy by using your online account or having your doctor fax us your prescription.

How do I Refill a Prescription using my Online Account?

You can request a prescription refill by selecting the Prescription Refill section within your Online Account or call us at 1-888-Rx-2-DOOR (1-888-792-3667).

How do I Transfer a Prescription using my Online Account?

You can use our online Prescription Transfer Request from your Online Account or call us at 1-888-Rx-2-DOOR (1-888-792-3667), and let us take care of the rest.

Can I manage my family's prescriptions?

Dependents can be added and managed up to the age of 18. Once the child has turned 18, they will be required to create their own Online Account.

Due to patient confidentiality, all adults over the age of 18 must create their own PostScripts account.

Section 3: Filling Your Prescriptions

What is the difference between maintenance and acute medication?

Maintenance medications are those drugs that a doctor has prescribed for regular (i.e. daily) use, and include, but are not limited to, drugs for diabetes, cholesterol, asthma, high blood pressure, hormone therapy and birth control. Drugs needed for an emergency, such as an antibiotic or a painkiller, are called acute medications.

Can Rexall Direct fill my acute medications?

Yes, Rexall Direct can fill your acute medications. However, we strongly recommend you check with your prescribing physician first as some medications need to be taken immediately. These should be filled through a local retail pharmacy.

What if I need to take my maintenance medication right away?

Ask your doctor for two prescriptions: one for a short-term supply and one for a 90-day supply. Have the short-term supply filled immediately at your local pharmacy (your drug plan coverage may differ when getting your prescription filled at a retail pharmacy), and send the 90-day supply prescription to Rexall Direct. If you have an existing prescription, call 1-888-Rx-2-DOOR (1-888-792-3667) to have us transfer your prescription to Rexall Direct. Remember, it will take 3 to 5 business days to have your prescription delivered to you.

How does my prescription get to Rexall Direct?

Your original prescriptions can be mailed to your PostScripts' partner - Rexall Direct (Refer to Contact Us section for address). For faster service, your prescription may be telephoned by your doctor's office to 1-800-561-DRMD (1-800-561-3763) or faxed by your doctor's office to 1-800-563-8934.

Can I fax my prescription directly to Rexall Direct?

No, your prescription may be faxed by your doctor's office to 1-800-563-8934 or telephoned by your doctor's office to 1-800-561-DRMD (1-800-561-3763). To comply with legislation, your doctor’s office must retain the original prescription on file.

Do I need to transfer my prescription from another pharmacy to Rexall Direct?

Yes. If you are currently receiving maintenance medication from a retail pharmacy (e.g. Rexall), you must arrange to have your prescription(s) transferred to Rexall Direct prior to the effective date indicated by your plan administrator because all maintenance prescriptions dispensed by a pharmacy other than Rexall Direct after this date may not be covered by your plan.

Transferring your prescriptions to Rexall Direct is fast and easy. Simply use our online Prescription Transfer Request form by logging into your account or call us at 1-888-Rx-2-DOOR (1-888-792-3667). Rexall Direct will take care of the rest!

How do I request a refill on my prescription from Rexall Direct?

You can use our online Prescription Refill Request form by logging into your account or call us at 1-888-Rx-2-DOOR (1- 888-792-3667).

Can Rexall Direct fill my Narcotic medications?

Yes, we can fill narcotic medications. For specific details regarding narcotic deliveries in your province of residence, please contact Rexall Direct at 1-888-Rx-2-DOOR (1-888-792-3667).

Can I speak with a Pharmacist?

You can contact us anytime during our locations hours of operation to speak with a pharmacist. call 1-888-Rx-2-DOOR (1-888-792-3667) or click here to visit the contact us page .

Section 4: Getting Your Prescriptions

Can I pick-up my medication instead of getting it delivered?

The value of PostScripts is the home delivery convenience. With home delivery, if no one is available to accept the package, a delivery notice card will be left to advise you that the item is available for pickup at your nearest postal outlet.

Will my prescription information remain confidential with home delivery?

Yes. Your medication is delivered in plain packaging with only your mailing information identified. To maintain confidentiality, there is no reference made to your prescription or the details related to its contents on the outside packaging.

Do I have to pay for the delivery of my medication?

Delivery is FREE within Canada via Canada Post courier.

What delivery options are available?

Rexall Direct offers shipment to your home, your office, or your nearest Canada Post location (Flex Delivery). For more information regarding Canada Post Flex Delivery options, please go to

How long will it take for me to get my medication?

Rexall Direct delivers your prescription to your door within 3 to 5 business days from receipt of your new prescription or authorization from your doctor.

Can Rexall Direct deliver medication that requires special packaging or refrigeration?

Yes, special care is taken to ensure appropriate packaging and preserving the cold chain shipping. We have strict policies and procedures in place for identification, handling and shipping of these medications.

What happens if I am not available to accept the delivery?

In order to safeguard your medication(s) and to comply with provincial regulations, a signature is required upon receipt of your unmarked, tamper-resistant package (please note that children under the age of 18 cannot accept delivery of a package). If no one is available to accept the package, a delivery notice card will be left to advise you that the item is available for pickup at your designated postal outlet. The item will be held at the post office for 5 to 15 calendar days after which time it will be returned to us.

Section 5: Paying For Your Prescriptions

How do I pay Rexall Direct?

If you have a deductible or co-payment, or wish to order any non-prescription items from Rexall Direct, you will need to provide a method of payment. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We also accept Visa Debit or MasterCard Debit. Your enrolment form will include a section to securely add your payment information.

What if I don't have a credit card?

Rexall Direct will accept a pre-paid credit card as well as Visa or MasterCard debit. Pre-paid credit cards can be obtained at any major Canadian Bank as well as through Canada Post.

How does Rexall Direct ensure my payment information is protected?

When adding your payment information, you will be redirected to a secure web page hosted by Moneris, specifically designed for payment processing. The payment information you provide will be validated and securely stored for payment processing in a secure database located behind multiple firewalls. Your credit card information never passes through and is never stored on any Rexall Direct system. Both Rexall Direct and Moneris are fully compliant with all requirements of the PCI Data Security Standard.